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Dear Reader,

Few things evoke more feelings of parental tenderness than the act of reading to a child. Story time, when a parent reads out loud to a child with the aid of a book, is a magical time. Elevated above tantrums and tears, story time exists in its own pocket universe which children remember with fondness all their lives.

Story time is a gift of parental love, a gift that keeps on giving because it establishes the reading habit, instils the tools of narrative and language, and fosters the value of stillness and attention.

And don’t limit story time to books with pictures! Once in a while, especially when the children are older, read from non-illustrated books. Children today are bombarded with visual images at every turn, so let them have a story time that lets them explore their inner senses - such as imagination, integration, and memory.

We will be hosting a session on How to Read Aloud to your Children with Kosser Abdul Aziz, author of Tales of Mini Maryam, on 14 December 2020, Monday, 8pm.

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