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Reader's Reflections

The results for the Wardah Books Readers’ Poll are in.

Your favourite book for 2019 is:


Hearts Turn: Sinners, Seekers, Saints and the Road to Redemption
By Michael Sugich

The author Michael Sugich, a traveller on the path of Islamic spirituality, has with his previous works, done much to bring to attention sainthood and the saints of Islam. With this 2019 book, Hearts Turn, Sugich gives ear to stories of tawba and redemption as experienced by the people he encounters.

Written with characteristic sympathy and eye for detail, he weaves story after story of how men and women of all walks of life turn their lives around to reorient themselves towards Divine Compassion, Forgiveness, and Guidance. These stories tell us that tawba and salvation are from God’s Mercy, but it is up to each individual to turn, or rather re-turn.

“A really heartwarming book... for a generation of young Muslims and converts who face inner doubts and in need of a few smart lessons from Michael’s journeybook, told through many voices and his own unique spiritual history. It is a relief to know I am not alone.” – Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)


Reader's Reflections

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