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Reflection on 'The Girl and the Ghost'

Reflection on 'The Girl and the Ghost'

by Hafsah Ismail

Why This Book

I have not touched fiction in a long time and this book was calling out to me. I guess I needed a refreshing read after going through all the serious books I have been reading lately.

What This Book Is About

Imagine yourself as Suraya, bound by blood with a ghost and this ghost is both best friend and arch-enemy. You can easily be close to someone who is the only present figure your life, and in this story, it started with Pink the Pelesit. This heartless ghost turned out to be ... oops, spoilers!

This book also gives the reader the thrill of being chased by ghosts. Apart from the scary scenes and a power-greedy bully in a form of a bomoh, it teaches us the strength of friendship and how this is so important in going through the hurdles of life. Suraya’s forgiving character is a reminder to us all to not inflict harm in retaliation to anyone who has caused us pain. By the end of the story, we are left with the familiar heartbreak of goodbyes. (Alas all good stories must end.)

My Thoughts On It

Whenever I hear ghost stories, my senses would heighten, so I was very focussed when I was reading this book. I then proceeded to finish it within a day. This is a ghost story you can relate to, especially if you’re Malay. It is the right-kind of scary, and not the kind that would leave a lingering sense of horror and dread. It makes you brave and not afraid of what are also God’s creations.

You also learn other ghost names in Malay other than the popular ‘pontianak’. But a warning for you! I don’t recommend you google these supernatural creatures unless you want their images to run in your head! I love this book.

“Power is an addiction. A small taste is often enough for people to crave another, and then another, and then another, and those who have it will do anything to get more of it."
"Nobody is ever really ready for goodbye, he said gently. But sometimes you need to bid farewell to the things holding you back so that you can move forward.”

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