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Free local deliveries for orders S$100 and above.

The Nightingale

  • Fear of a Muslim Planet

    Fear of a Muslim Planet

    Salaam Dear Reader, 'Inherently different' is the phrase that made me sit up when I was reading Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road by Johan Elverskog. The phrase was used by officials in the Qing Dynasty to justify and call for...

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  • How to Take Smart Notes

    How to Take Smart Notes

    This book is about how we process information by making notes when we read and then synthesising these notes within a knowledge system in order to develop our own ideas and then produce original content based on our insights.
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  • The Merit of Knowledge

    The Merit of Knowledge

    The Prophetﷺ taught us that we must always engage with knowledge, either as scholars, learners, or listeners. And if we can't do these things, we must at least love knowledge. There is no fifth option.
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  • Muslim Activism in Singapore

    Muslim Activism in Singapore

    Activists in Singapore really have two choices: cooperate with the state or conduct activism in areas in which the state is ambivalent because it does not challenge their political legitimacy as keepers of the peace and stewards of success.
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  • More Barakah

    More Barakah

    Writing also helps us learn about ourselves. And this is why many people journal as a daily practice. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand our strengths, weaknesses, relationships, goals, attitudes, biases, preoccupations, the more we can reflect and grow.
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  • Women Empowerment

    Women Empowerment

    We just need to keep turning our own book, page by page – not with fear – but with anticipation, resolve, and hope for the adventures and lessons that await. We know that we will reach a denouement where all will be well. Keep trusting that we will overcome our challenges. 
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  • Live the Life of Barakah

    Live the Life of Barakah

    Mohammed Faris, founder of The Productive Muslim Company, introduces the Barakah Journal, a new productivity journal geared towards living and working with Baraka.
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  • On Board the Peace Train

    On Board the Peace Train

    We cannot allow pessimism to dominate for this will lead to negativity, ineffectual bickering, and dejected passivity. We must instead look deeper than the events of the day to consider the bedrock of our existence with its substructure ontologically suffused with mercy and compassion. 
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