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Masjid Al'Firdaus

Grand Saint of Singapore: The Life of Habib Nuh bin Muhammad Al-Habshi

Muhammad Ghouse Khan Surattee


Many from the ranks of the righteous and habaib (descendants of the Noble Prophet s.a.w.) in Singapore have passed on. They had transmitted the accounts of the saintly life of Habib Nuh for the past 140 years (at the time of printing). With many youths losing interest in Singapore's Islamic legacy, a book such as this has become an imperative.

The accounts listed in this book have been transmitted from numerous sources, so the anecdotes related are among the more celebrated, or mutawatir. It is the author’s intention that these accounts of his saintly life remain for posterity.

This book has been scrutinized in the light of the Shariah with the help of the Mufti of Singapore, Sayyid Isa bin Mohamed As-Semait.