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Homely Hammock

Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island

Ukht Husni, Dian Ovieta

Hardback, in a set



The stories in these books, produced by Singapore publisher Homely Hammock, facilitate the discovery and familiarisation of the Arabic alphabet for English-speaking children. 

This set comprises 7 hardback books:

Book 1: Alif-Tha - A Day Out at Sea

Book 2: Jim-Kha - The Three Brothers

Book 3: Dal-Zaay - A Race to the Island

Book 4: Sin-Dhod - A Great Escape

Book 5: Taw-Ghayn - What’s On My Hook

Book 6: Fa-Lam - The Land Far, Far Away

Book 7: Mim-Ya - The Wild Mango Hunt