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You Are Loved

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Mizi Wahid




7 Things to Remember When You Feel Broken, Left Out & Abandoned


There are a lot of people in this world with a big heart. And you could be one of them.

You have such a  gracious heart that you give and give and yet never feel truly fulfilled. You love, and get hurt. You give, and end up disappointed. You try your hardest, but still end up alone.


Could it be that you’ve been depriving love to the one person who needs it first? Could it be that the most neglected person in your life is “you”?


This third book by best-selling author, Mizi Wahid, aims to help fill the void in our hearts with meaningful reminders of God’s love, and the motivation to help us learn and relearn how to love ourselves again.




1: I’ve Never Heard the Words “I Love You” Before

2: I Thought I was Loved, Until…

3: Everyone Has a Somebody, Except Me

4: When People Tell You That They Love You

5: When God Tells You That He Does

6: Dealing with Loneliness

7: Thinking I’ve Loved Versus Knowing I’m Loved

8: Your Perception of Reality, Becomes Your Reality

9: A Natural Disposition to Reject Love

10: A Love that Ended Too Soon: Dealing with Grief

11: The Feeling of Being Unloved

12: The Quest Towards Self-Love

13: One - You Were Created on Purpose

14: Two - Your Mistakes Don’t Define You

15: Three - Somebody Out There Loves You for Who You Are

16: Four - Forgiveness Begins with The Self

17: Five - You Are Enough

18: Six - Never Attach Your Value to People and Things

19: Seven - To Know “You” is to Love “You”, So Know Yourself

20: You Are Loved, Today, and Every Day

21: Setting Boundaries and Setting Off to Find True Love

Closing: The Love Prayer