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From Seed to Cedar: Nurturing the Spiritual Needs in Children

Fethullah Gulen




Nurturing the Spiritual Needs in Children: A Guide for Muslim Families


Select Contents:


• Marriage

Education of the family

Purpose of marriage

Principles of the primordial nature of marriage

Virtues of a mother


• Family


Duties of a father

Parental responsibility


• Awareness in Education

Love of the World

The Woman's role

Giving priority to inner profundity

Duties towards children

Adopting God's morality

Preparing your child for the future


• Religious Education of the Child

Making children familiar with mosques at an early age

Worshiping and praying within sight of children

Respect for the Quran

Significance of reading

Teaching about the resurrection


• Dimensions of Education

Good deeds


Importance of daily prayers


• Quranic and Non-Quranic Education