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Islam: The Essentials

Tariq Ramadan






Chapter 1: History

- Muhammad: A Religion Is Born

- After The Death of The Prophet

- Religion, Philosophy and Civilisation


Chapter 2: Fundamental Tenets

- The Message

- The Texts: Qur’an and Hadith

- The Meaning of the Term ‘Islam’

- A Unique and Singular God

- Diversity and the Monotheistic Tradition

- The Islamic Conception of The Human Being

- Human Dignity


Chapter 3: Faith and Practice

- The Pillars of Faith

- The Pillars of Islam

- Social Affairs (Al-Mu’amalat)

- Unity and Diversity: Interpretations of Faith

- Spirituality and Ethics


Chapter 4: The Way

- Sharia

- Jihad

- Society

- Humanity and The Environment


Chapter 5: Contemporary Challenges

- Past and Present

- Reading The Texts

- The Woman - and The Man - Question

- In Muslim-Majority Societies

- In a Minority


Ten Things You Thought You Knew About Islam


The Months of the Islamic Calendar