Islam: Faith and Practice
Islam in the Modern World
In the Light of a Blessed Tree
O Brother
Harmony of Heaven and Human
Unveiling Islam
Islam: A Very Short Introduction
Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America
Muslims of the World
Islam: Three Core Beliefs
Islam: An Introduction
Introduction to Traditional Islam
Becoming Muslim
A Madinan View on the Sunnah, Courtesy, Wisdom, Battles and History
On the Sociology of Islam: Lectures of Ali Shariati
Seeker and the Way: Reflections of a Muslim Convert
The Supreme Jihad
Islam on Mercy and Compassion
Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction
Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies
War and Peace in Islam: The Uses and Abuses of Jihad
Jihad, Violence, War and Peace in Islam
Beyond the Mosque
Young Person's Guide to Living Islam
The Vision of Islam
Hospitality and Islam: Welcoming in God's Name
Classical Islam: A Sourcebook of Religious Literature
Mosaic of Islam: A Conversation with Perry Anderson
The Good Muslim
Islam in the World
Islam: Religion of Peace