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The Art of Remembrance

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Baraka Blue
Deluxe Leather Hardbound Edition


The Art of Remembrance includes new and unreleased poems, as well as his most celebrated poems from previous collections. Designed by renowned artist Mukhtar Sanders, each poem in the collection is accompanied by stunning works of Arabic calligraphy featuring the 99 Divine Names.


Taking inspiration from the great Islamic manuscripts of the past–which included breathtaking artwork and calligraphy, and were hand-bound by master craftsmen–we have consulted a team of artists, calligraphers, graphic designers, typesetters and traditional book binders to produce a book that is itself a timeless piece of art.


The Deluxe Hardbound Edition–inspired by the beautiful leather books of a bygone age–cost more than the mass produced, and often cheaply made books we are used to finding in global retailers. Instead, this book is made in small batches by independent bookmakers with meticulous attention to every detail.