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Qur'an: An Introduction

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Abdullah Saeed

Paperback, 268 pages


This book is an essential introduction for all students who wish to learn more about Islam and the Quran. Abdullah Saeed introduces students to the Quran in three aspects: its history, understanding and interpretation, in both the pre-modern and modern periods. He explores the major themes of the Quran, such as God, creation and the prophets, paying particular attention to the complex subject of interpretation and the influence of Western scholarship.

Designed to be suitable both for Muslims and non-Muslim students, with a full glossary, helpful chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading, The Quran: An Introduction is a student-friendly guide to one of the most influential and important religious scriptures of the contemporary world.

Abdullah Saeed is Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies and Director, Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His previous works include Islamic Thought (2006) and Interpreting the Quran (2005) both published by Routledge.