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The Endless Banquet Vol. 2

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Hamzah Abdul-Malik
Paperback, 120 pages


A Thematic Explanation of the Quran, Juz 11–20


The Endless Banquet is a reading guide to help the average person understand the broader meanings of the Qur’an. This book explains each Surah by grouping its ayat together according to shared themes, to help you study its fundamental meanings and their connections with one another.


The Endless Banquet will help you discover: 

• The benefits of the Qur’an’s repetition of certain phrases, & stories, albeit with different variations & details

• The wisdom of ayat shift from discussions of law to stories, to theological arguments, to descriptions of heaven and hell

• Connections between each Surah

• The wisdom & significance in the order of the Surahs

• How each Juz is divided upon overarching themes

• The context in which certain ayat were revealed & why these verses are still relevant today


Each chapter of The Endless Banquet covers one Juz. Written in easy-to-understand language, this book aims to inspire a new generation of readers of the Qur’an, among Muslims who are comfortable reading and speaking English.