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Weighing the Word: Reasoning the Quran as Revelation

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Peter Samsel

Paperback, 126 pages



A comprehensive survey of traditional and contemporary views on the Qur'an, including textual, historical, sociological, philosophical, aesthetic, linguistic and experiential, brought together in an effort to ascertain whether Islam's sacred book is the word of God, as it claims to be, or not. Readers will find here the earliest ancient sources and the latest scientific studies uniquely confronted to shed objective light on this important topic.



1. The Quran and Seculaity

A. The Problem of the Modern

B. The Problem of the Historian


2. The Quran and its Context

A. Social Considerations

B. Doctrinal Considerations


3. The Quran and the Messenger

A. The Distinctiveness of the Quran

B. The Position of the Messenger


4. The Quran and its Auditors

A. Positive Judgements upon the Quran

B. Negative Judgements upon the Quran