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20 Stories from the Life of Prophet Muhammad

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Paperback, 170 Pages



This book compromises 20 stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), which reflect the good manners and great behaviours of Allah's Messenger and his companions. These selective stories are very unique and children can learn good lessons for their succesful life.



The Elephants and the Ababil

Wet Nurse

The Monk's Advice

Khadijah's Marriage Proposal

To Muhammad s.a.w.

Wise Judgement

First Revelation of the Quran

The Initial Stage of the Prophet's Preaching

The Boycott

Helping the Merchant

The Miracle


Second Aqabah

The Migration of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

The Great Brotherhood


The Poisonous Gift

The Treaty of Hudaibiya

The Broken Agreement

The Victory of the Muslims

The Last Sermon