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40 Hadith on Community Service and Activism

by Kube
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Dr Mohannad Hakeem

Paperback, 232 pages



This book is meant to be a Muslim’s handbook to change the world. It provides the most relevant Hadiths that Muslims in the 21st century and beyond need to maximize their potential, serve their community, and leave a legacy. Aided with a commentary and a list of actionable items for each hadith, these hadiths provide a framework that answers the most relevant questions for activists and community leaders: The WHY (The spiritual element), the WHAT (the social and political responsibility), the HOW (The Fiqh and Adab guidelines), the WHO (tips on building successful teams), and the WHILE (self-care advice). For all those who have goals beyond their own selves and aspire to make an impact, guided by prophetic wisdom, this book is for you!



1: The Why: The Spirituality of an Activist

2: The What (Part 1): Community Service – The Social Responsibility of Muslim Activists

3: The What (Part 2) – A Muslim Activist's Political Platform

4. The Who: Inside Your Team

5. The How (Part 1): The Adab of Activism

6. The How (Part 2): The Fiqh of Activism

7. The While: Guide to Self-Care

The Muslim Activist Manifesto