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40 On Justice: The Prophetic Voice on Social Reform

by Kube
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Omar Suleiman

Paperback, 384 pages



A collection of 40 Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ focusing on the notion of social justice in Islam.


Justice is essential to the survival and flourishing of any civilisation. The words of God and His Messenger ﷺ remind us of the centrality of justice in our lives and our societies. Injustice (Zulum) is condemned repeatedly in the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ. How are we to confront injustices in our personal lives, our communities and our societies? In an age of widespread injustices against the weak, the vulnerable and the dispossessed, how does Islam teach us to respond?


This unique commentary on forty hadith narrated from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ explores Islamic teachings regarding social justice. It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the environment, racism, family relations, the rights of the elderly, the disabled, and humanity more generally. This book will take you on a journey through Islam’s rich heritage and the guidance it provides us to confront injustices in our societies today.




1. The Gravity of Injustice in Islam

2. God is More Capable Than Us

3. From the Scrolls of Ibrahim

4. To Seek or Not to Seek Leadership

5. We Will be Asked About Our Potential

6. A Word of Truth in the Face of an Oppressor

7. The Ruling on Silence and Injustice

8. The Right to Food, Water and Shelter

9. Responding to Evil with Good

10. Everybody Else Does It

11. The Comprehensiveness of Tatfeef (short-changing)

12. Whoever Deceives is Not From Us

13. Corrupt Lawyers and Unserved Justice

14. Elitist Privilige

15. Building a Coalition of Justice: The Fiqh of Hilf al-Fadool

16. A Show of Strength

17. Finding and Channeling Your Righteous Anger

18. The Rights of the Neighbour

19. The Definition, Categorisation and Prohibition of Torture in Islam

20. Prophetic Guidance on Work Conditions and Employee Treatment

21. The Characteristics of a Pious Employee

22. Greed - The Root of all Social Injustice

23. Why is Usury (riba) Prohibited?

24. Insurance Companies and Vulnerable Citizens: The Concept of Uncertainty (gharar) in Islam

25. Justice Between Parents and Children

26. The Sin of Favouritism: Be Just with Your Children

27. How Rights Work in Marriage

28. The Rights of Extended Family

29. The Rights of Elderly Within Society

30. Islam’s Positions on Slavery

31. Islamic Ethics Regarding Asylum, Refugees and Migration

32. Racism, Supremacism and True Patriotism

33. Stereotyping and Collective Guilt

34. Gender Equity in Islam - Regard for Women

35. How the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Treated Those with Mental Illness, Disabilities and Special Needs

36. Doctors of the Prophet ﷺ and Islam’s History of Healthcare

37. When Animals Indict Humans for Cruelty

38. Environmentalism

39. Without Justice, There Can Be No Peace

40. Gradual Change versus Radical Reform