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A Heart of Jannah: The Secrets to A Calm and Peaceful Mind

by Tertib
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Mizi Wahid
Paperback, 122 pages


Feeling sad? Anxious? Worried? We are always feeling concerned about uncertain things - our grades, our work, our family, our spouse, our children, and our future. The constant worrying and sadness lead us to have no peace. At times, our actions also contribute to the loss of our peace. So, how do we achieve tranquility? By deciding that we want it. Join Mizi Wahid on a journey to achieving a peaceful heart like Jannah or Dar as-Salam, the abode of peace in this amazing work, A Heart of Jannah: The Secrets to a Peaceful and Calm Mind.


Part 1: Being Peaceful on Purpose
1: Your Everyday Routes and Routines
2: What Takes Away Your Peace
3: Filling the Absence of Peace


Part 2: How to Protect Your Inner Peace
4: Preparing Your Spare Tyre
5: Do Not Be Dismayed by Futile Efforts
6: Preserve Your Inner Peace and Energy
7: Closeness to the Creator


Part 3: Making Peace with Your Scars
8: The Scars that Reminds Us
9: Finding Beauty in Your Scars


Part 4: Cultivating Tranquility From Sad Experiences
10: How to Cultivate Peace Amidst Sad Experiences


Part 5: Staying Calm Amidst a Crisis
11: The Story of Prophet Ibrahim a.s.
12: The Story of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
13: The Story of Prophet Yunus a.s.


Part 6: Conclusion
14: Eternal Light Delivers Truthful Hope