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A Nostalgic Remembrance: Sufism and the Breath of Creativity

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Dr Ali Hussain
Prof Rudolf Bilal Ware (Foreword)
Paperback, 260 pages


This book is a journey into the metaphysics of the creative process through the teachings of the Sufi sage Ibn al-ʿArabi and other mystics. This project unfolds through the life experiences and expertise of the author and two central visions of the creative process: to make connections where none seem possible or exist. This is the first definition while the second is to translate the ineffable into the tangible.


This book also proceeds with the deep conviction that the mystical experience is identical to the creative process. It is divided into two sections, each exactly five chapters. The first part focuses on metaphysical foundations that apply to all crafts. Part two focuses on different genres of art.


• Following the Traces: On Storytelling
• The Hidden Treasure: On the Creative Process
• Al-Haqiqa al-Muhammadiya: On Artist as Art
• The In-Between: On Imagination and Paradox
• Shari'a of the Craft: On the Path to Haqiqa
• Memories in Ink: On the Written Arts
• The Dye of God: On the Visual Arts
• The Sawt Sarmad: On the Auditory Arts
• The Reel of Reality: On the Moving Arts
• Ma'rifa and 'Urf: On Society and Mythology
• On Being Artificially Intelligent