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A Sinner in Jannah: Stories of Repentance, Hope and Mercy

by Tertib
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Yahya Ibrahim
Paperback, 182 pages


Every son of Adam sins, and the best of the sinners are the repentant. (Jamiʿ at-Tirmidhi)


In A Sinner in Jannah, readers will discover the ultimate guide to repentance and Allah’s mercy. With a focus on the inevitable human nature of committing sin, Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim provides practical advice on how to identify and repent from different levels and categories of sins — major and minor.


Through self-reflection, self-critique and self-control, readers will learn how to avoid committing sins and turn to Allah’s love and mercy when they fall short. With a deep understanding of the significance of Allah’s term ar-Rahman, readers will be inspired to seek His guidance and forgiveness every day.