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A Spiritual Guide to Fes

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Peter Dziedzic, Sam Jaffe
Paperback, 336 pages



From Ibn Khaldun and Leo Africanus to Ibn al-Arabi and Maimonides, Fes has been home to some of history’s greatest intellectuals and religious figures. Known as the “City of Saints”, Fes has one of the richest spiritual legacies in the Muslim world; it is a landscape dotted with mosques, madrasas and the shrines of countless awliya Allah (friends of God).


This book is the first practical guide in English for the traveller seeking out these spiritual treasures. Drawing upon Salawāt al-Anfās by Imam Jaʿfar al-Kattānī (1858-1927), it presents a comprehensive compilation of the biographies of the saints. It not only recounts their life stories but provides historical insights, useful tips for visitors, and, for the first time, meticulously detailed maps, making this resource indispensable for the academic and the spiritual seeker alike.