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A Treasury of Iqbal

by Kube
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Abdur Rashid Siddiqui




Muhammad Iqbal (d.1938), thinker and philosopher – poet of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent was one of the key architects of contemporary Islam. Through the medium of his thoughtful writing and soul-transforming poetry, both Urdu and Persian, he infused a new spirit in the Muslims, not only of India and Pakistan but also Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Middle East. He challenged the western concept of nationalism and expounded the concept of Islamic nations, on which the idea of Pakistan is based. A Treasury of Iqbal is a glimpse of his thought and contribution.



1. God

2. God and Man

3. The Universe

4. Time and Space

5. Life

6. Death and Immortality of Soul

7. Satan

8. Clash of Good and Evil

9. Predestination

10. Reason and Love

11. The Quran

12. The Prophetﷺ

13. The Perfect Man

14. Shahin (The Eagle)

15. Unity of the Ummah

16. Causes of the Downfall of Muslims

17. Sufism

18. The Individual and Society

19. Ijtihad

20. Khudi (Self-Respect, Ego)

21. Bikhudi

22. Faqr

23. Conviction

24. Education

25. Science

26. Fine Art

27. Women

28. Youth

29. Children

30. Western Civilization

31. Political System

32. Nationalism

33. Democracy

34. Capitalism

35. Marxism

36. Rumi

37. Goethe

38. Nietzsche

39. Vision of Pakistan

40. Zindah Rud