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A Unique Pedagogical Approach in the Quran

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Imam Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti

Mahdi Lock (translation)

Paperback, 84 pages



Pinnacle Papers Volume 3


How does the Quran appeal to man's perfected rational and emotional constitution and draw him towards the realities that it speaks of, which include all of his intellectual and sentimental faculties, in equal proportion?


How is its address formulated to suit all classes of people, of differing educations and ages, such that everyone understands the intended meaning to the extent that his education allows without any contradiction in these understandings?


How does it proceed with its arbitrations of the intellect in such a way that the rules of logic are used but none of its terminology is relied on?


In its dialogue, how does it satisfy both the imagination and the intellect without one of them prevailing over the other?


It is in this book, which contains novel studies on the Quran, that you will find the answers to these questions and more. 



• Introduction

• The Foundations of the Pedagogical

• Rational Deliberation

• Stories and History

• Emotional Stimulation