A Commentary of Jami at-Tirmidhi Chapters on the Adhan

Mufti Shabbir Ahmad



Based on the lectures of Mufti Shabbir Ahmad


One of the most prominent emblems of Islam, the adhan, or call to prayer, is recognised by both Muslims and non-Muslims the world over. Now, for the first time, this topic is dealt with in all its nuance and complexity in the light of Imam Muhammad Ibn 'Isa al-Tirmidhi's Sunan, including the Arabic text and translation. The issues arising from, and associated with the adhan are also tackled from the standpoint of the traditional sciences of Hadith, jurisprudence and Qur'anic commentary. In so doing, not only is the significance and relevance of the adhan underscored, but so too is Imam al-Tirmidhi's pedagogical methodology.