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A History of the Muslim World since 1260

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Vernon O Egger




The Making of a Global Community, 2nd Edition


Part One: Mongol Hegemony 1260-1405


1 - The Great Transformation 

Mongol Khanates, New Centers of Islamic Culture, Scourges


2 - Unity and Diversity in Islamic Traditions

Intellectual Life in the Fourteenth Century, Law, The Varieties of Religious Expression


Part Two: Muslim Ascendancy 1405-1750


3 - The Central Muslim Lands

The Ottoman Empire, Arabian Peninsula, The Eurasian Steppes


4 - The Umma in the West

Iberian Peninsula, The Maghrib, Sudan


5 - Central Asia and Iran


6 - South Asia

South Asia After the Delhi Sultanate, Islam in South Asia, Timurids in South Asia: The Mughals


7 - The Indian Ocean Basin

A Muslim Lake, The East Coast of Africa, Kerala, Southeast Asia


Part Three: The World Turned Upside Down 1750-Present


8 - Reform and Renewal 1750-1875

Developments within Twelver Shi'ism, Sunni Reform Movements, European Intervention and Annexation, Governmental Responses to External Threats, Cultural Fragmentation


9 - Loss of Sovereignty 1875-1920

European Imperialism, Imperial Rule, Encounters with Tradition, The Great War


10 - The Interwar Years 1920-1939

Independent Muslim States, Muslim Minorities in the USSR, Nationalist Movements, Islamic Movements, Women's Issues


11 - Regaining Sovereignty 1939-1970

World War II, Formal Independence, Muslim Minorities in the USSR and China, Disillusionment with Secular Nationalism, Voices of Urgency


12 - New Directions - 1970-Present

The Watershed Years, Responding to the Divine Imperative: Political Islam, Responding to the Divine Imperative: A Revival of Jihad, Twenty-First-Century Challenges and Opportunities