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Ahmad Al-Ghazali, Remembrance, and the Metaphysics of Love

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Joseph Lumbard




This work provides the first examination of Ahmad al-Ghazali and his work in Western scholarly literature. The author seeks to ascertain the authenticity of works attributed to Ahmad al-Ghazali, trace the development of the dominant trends in the biographical literature, and reconstruct the life and times of Ahmad al-Ghazali with particular attention to his relationship with his more famous brother, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. Lumbard’s findings revolutionise our understanding of Ahmad al-Ghazali's writings, allowing for focus on his central teachings regarding Divine Love and the remembrance of God.




Part I Life and History

Chapter 1

- Sources for the Ahmad al-Ghazali Tradition

- Works by Ahmad al-Ghazali

- Primary Sources


Chapter 2

- The Life and Times of Ahmad al-Ghazali

- The Saljuqs

- The Stages of Ahmad al-Ghazali’s Life


Part II Practice and Teachings

Chapter 3

- Ahmad al-Ghazali’s Spiritual Practice

- Spiritual Practice

- Summary of Practice


Chapter 4

- The Roots of Ahmad al-Ghazali’s Teachings

- Satanology

- Love

- Love in Sufi Literature Before the 6th/12th Century


Chapter 5

- Ahmad al-Ghazali’s Metaphysics of Love

- Between Form and Meaning

- The Oneness of Love

- The Stages of the Path