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Al-Adab al-Mufrad: A Perfect Code of Manners and Morality PB

by Kube
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Imam al-Bukhari, Adil Salahi




With Full Commentary
Without the Arabic


Al-Adab al-Mufrad is an anthology of over 1300 Hadith, all of which are directly related to personal and social norms of behaviour, manners and morals.






1. Dutifulness to Parents


2. Kindness to Relatives


3. Looking after Young Girls


4. Wishing for What We Missed


5. Parents and Children


6. Good Neighbourliness


7. The Most Noble of People 


8. Caring for the Weak


9. On the Loss of One’s Children


10. Best of Manners


11. On the Treatment of the Weak 


12. Humility and Responsibility 


13. Promotion of Goodness


14. Reliance on God, Ease and Simplicity


15. Consultation and Advice 


16. Love and Friendliness 


17. Refined Manners


18. The Prophet’s Supplication 


19. Young and Old


20. True and False


21. A Pledge that must not be Fulfilled 


22. No End to Charitable Work


23. No Room for Abuse


24. Wasting Money


25. A Gentle Approach All the Time


26. No Room for Injustice


27. Illness and Forgiveness


28. Visiting Sick People


29. Pride: The Quality to Avoid


30. Wives’ Jealousy


31. In Times of Hardship 


32. Miscellaneous


33. Caution and Forbearance 


34. Modesty: An Invaluable Virtue 


35. On Supplication


36. On Backbiting


37. Exemplary Hospitality


38. Miscellaneous


39. Forms of Speech


40. On Names and Appellations


41. Deference to Superiors


42. Fine Words, Fine Meanings


43. Types of Speech


44. Man and Destiny


45. Prohibitions, Weather Change, Omens etc.


46. Good Manners in All Situations


47. The Greeting of Peace and Love


48. A Special Ruling for the Prophet’s Wives


49. Privacy at Home


50. Courteous Behaviour


51. Supplication at all Times