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Al-Ghazali and Academic Excellence
Al-Ghazali and Academic Excellence


Al-Ghazali and Academic Excellence

M Hasanul Arifin




The Art of Soul-based Learning



Chapter 1: On Academic Excellence

- The meaning of ‘academic’

- ‘Ilm and the parable of the mirror

- Ta’alim-ta’allum and the parable of light

- The meaning of ‘excellence’

- Academic excellence and the prophetic model


Chapter 2: The Concept of Man and His Perfection

- The concept of man and his essence

- The perfection of the soul

- The perfection of the spirit

- The perfection of the intellect

- The perfection of the heart and the five sources of error

- Al-Ghazali’s theory of human action


Chapter 3: Ta’dib as Method of Academic Excellence

- Natural learning potential

- Remorse and resolve for improvement

- Academic focus

- Openness to truth and reality

- Metacognition and the logical order of knowledge

- Supplications