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Al-Ghazali: Deliverance From Error and The Beginning of Guidance

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W. Montgomery Watt





Short Biography of Imam al-Ghazali


Part One: Deliverance from Error and Attachment to the Lord of Might and Majesty

(Munqidh min al-Dalal)


I. Introduction

II. Preliminaries: Scepticism and the Denial of all Knowledge

III. The Classes of Seekers

IV. The True Nature of Prophecy and the Compelling Need of All Creation for it

V. The Reason for Teaching again after my Withdrawal from It


Part Two: The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayatul Hidayah)

I. Introduction

II. Acts of Obedience

III. The Avoidance of Sins

IV. Relationship between God and Man, and between Man and Man