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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Al Khulasah: The Cream of Remembrance

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Habib Umar Bin Hafiz

Professor Ghoesain Mohamed




This is a collection of supplications and awrad that comes complete with Arabic, English Translation and Transliteration.


Select Contents:

• Invocations during Tahajjud

• Supplications using the Beautiful Names of Allah

• Qasida of Imam Abu Bakr bin Abdullah al-Aydarus

• Wird of Shaykh Abu Bakr bin Salim

• Wird al Latif of Imam al-Haddad

• Wird of Imam Abu Bakr bin Abdurrahmaan Al-Saqqaf

• Wird of Imam al-Nawawi

• Hizb al-Nasr of Imam al-Haddad

• Hizb al-Bahr of Imam Abu Hasan al-Shadhuli

• Ratib of Imam Umar bin Abdurrahmaan al-Attas

• Ratib of Imam al-Haddad

• Supplications of the Tasbih prayer