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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

All Else Is Futile: Guidance of Imam-e Rabbani

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Dr Muzamil Khan


Letters of Shaykh Ahmad al-Faruqi al-Sirhindi


"Consider these free moments as blessings, and do not misuse them. Attain God's pleasure by praying five times with the congregation with sincerity and devotion. Do not neglect the pre-dawn prayers and seek forgiveness in the morning. Do not oversleep like a rabbit. Do not be deluded by these momentary pleasures. Remember death, and all matters concerning the hereafter. Only occupy yourself with necessary worldly matters and spend the rest of the time planning for the Hereafter. Indeed, turn your heart away from all other than God, and adorn yourself with the commands of the Shariah. This is what matters; all else is futile."