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An Introduction to Islamic Faith and Thought

by Tughra
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Ali Unal


How to Live as a Muslim Series


Islam comprises a total way of life. It guides humanity to what is good and right firstly through faith; this is the essence of religion. The aspects of religious practice, social matters and ethics are built on this foundation of faith. The first volume of the series therefore delves into the heart of the matter, presenting clearly the fundamentals and different aspects of Islamic faith.

This volume makes an effort to peel away the layers of what we think we know about Islam to reveal what Islam says about itself, and to explain the pillars of the Islamic faith. It discusses Islam's worldview, how we fit into it, and what God expects of us. It explains why Prophets were sent to
guide us to the truth, why the Quran is the best guide for this journey, and how and why God equipped us to make this journey. Also examined in detail are the Resurrection and the Afterlife, Divine Destiny - often mis-understood as predestination and the consequent lack of choice and free will — eschatology, death and the spirit after death, and the invisible realm of existence.