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Anwar al-Muhammadiyya

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Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani

Rashad Jameer (translation and notes)

Paperback, 112 pages



On the Love of the Prophetﷺ, Ahl al-Bait & Sahaba


Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani, the Lebanese scholar, faqih, judge of the Ottoman Empire, and 'ashiq of the Prophetﷺ beautifully illustrates the obligation of loving the Prophetﷺ, Ahl al-Bait & Sahaba.


This book, Anwar al-Muhammadiyya, offers numerous examples of the Sahaba's love for the Prophetﷺ, as well as 13 signs whereby, we as Muslims, can check ourselves to see whether or not we have true love for the Prophetﷺ. Moreover, it mentions some prominent members of Ahl Bait and what the Prophetﷺ said about them. 




Section 1: On the Obligation of Loving the Prophetﷺ, Following His Sunna & Adopting His Guidance

- 13 Signs of Love for the Prophetﷺ


Section 2: The Ruling of Sending Blessings and Peace Upon Himﷺ


Section 3: The Love of His Sahaba, His Exalted family, His Household and His Children