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Arabs and Israelis: Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East

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Abdel Monem Said Aly, Shai Feldman, Khalil Shikaki
Paperback, 504 pages
2022 Edition


Lasting over 120 years, the Arab-Israeli conflict involves divergent narratives about history, national identities, land ownership, injustices and victimhood. Domestic forces and actors as well as international and regional dynamics have ensured the conflict's durability.

A distinguished team of authors comprising an Israeli, a Palestinian and an Egyptian present a broader Arab perspective in this innovative textbook that offers a balanced and nuanced introduction to a highly contentious subject. Providing an overview of key developments in the history of the conflict, it explores attempts at resolution, before going on to portray the perspectives of the important parties. It places the events of the conflict within a regional and international context, providing an invaluable insight into the opposing narratives behind the conflict.


Select Chronology: Key Moments in the Arab–Israeli Conflict,1516–2012
1 The Formative Years
2 The Partitioning of Palestine: “Nakba” and Independence
3 Under the Cold War: The 1956 Sinai–Suez War
4 The 1967 War: The Victory and the “Naksa”
5 From Limited War to Limited Accommodation
6 Camp David and the Lebanon War
7 From the First Intifada to Madrid and Oslo
8 Failures of Implementation of the Madrid Conference
9 Oslo's State-building and Peacemaking
10 The Failure of Permanent Status Negotiations
11 The Second Intifada
12 From the Second Lebanon War to the Arab Awakening
13 Conclusion – A Conflict that Never Ends?
Appendix: Separation Barrier Map