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Archaeology of Jerusalem

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Katharine Galor, Hanswulf Bloedhorn




From Origins to the Ottomans


A sweeping and lavishly illustrated survey of nearly four thousand years of human settlement and building activity in Jerusalem, from prehistoric times through the Ottoman period


In this sweeping and lavishly illustrated history, Katharina Galor and Hanswulf Bloedhorn survey nearly four thousand years of human life and material culture in Jerusalem. They have organized their book chronologically, exploring fortifications and water systems as well as key sacred, civic, and domestic architecture. Distinctive finds such as paintings, mosaics, pottery, and coins highlight each period. They provide a unique perspective on the emergence and development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and the relationship among the three religions and their cultures into the modern period.



1. Introduction: History of the Research

2. Natural and Built City Limits

3. The Chalcolithic Period and the Bronze Age

4. The Iron Age

5. The Babylonian and Persian Periods

6. The Hellenistic Period

7. The Roman Period

8. The Byzantine Period

9. The Early Islamic Period

10. The Crusader and Ayyubid Periods

11. The Mamluk Period

12. The Ottoman Period