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Ark of Salvation Safinat al-Naja

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Shaykh Salim bin Abd Allah bin Sumayr al-Hadrami al-Shafi'i

Musa Furber, translation




Essential Islamic Beliefs and Obligations


Safinat al-naja’ fi ma yajib ‘ala al-‘abdi li-mawlahu


This short booklet present’s Shaykh Salim bin ‘Abd Allah bin Sumayr al-Hadrami al-Shafi’i's Safinat al-naja. His text, presented here in both the original Arabic and a contemporary translation, introduces fundamental beliefs and obligations. It is among the early texts read in Yemen, Somalia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other teaching centres around the world influenced by Hadramaut’s curriculum. The book begins with a presentation of foundational beliefs. It then covers common and frequent acts of worship, including purification, prayer, funerals, zakat, and fasting.


Musa Furber studied the traditional Islamic canon in Syria and Egypt for over 15 years. Through his training, he received licenses to teach the breadth of sciences from the Islamic intellectual tradition, and specialised in delivering legal edicts (fatwas), following advanced training from senior legal scholars and jurisprudents (fuqaha’ and muftis). He resides and works in Kuala Lumpur.