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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Asmaaullahil Husnaa Stories Vol 2

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Haslinah Osman

Paperback, 94 Pages



In each volume of this series, there are 11 Names of Allah with short stories to engage children.


Story 1: Al-Waahid – The One

The Only One Who Is Forever Unique.


Story 2: Al-Ahad – The Only One

The Only One In Power.


Story 3: Al-Witr – The Odd Numbered

Allah Is Odd And He Loves The Odd.


Story 4: Al-A’laa – The Most High

The Highest Among All.


Story 5: Al-Mawlaa – The Master

Allah Is The Only Master Hence Make Him Your Protector.


Story 6: Al-Muta’aal – The Most High

The Most Noble, The Most High, The Excellence.


Story 7: Al-Mukmin – The Faithful

Allah Will Keep Your Imaan If You Strongly Believe.


Story 8: Al-Qawiy – The Most Strong

The Strongest Of All.


Story 9: Al-Matiin – The Firm

The One Who Affirms The Mountain And Mankind.


Story 10: Al-Awwal – The First

The Beginner Of Everything.


Story 11: Al-Aakhir – The Last

The Final One.