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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Asmaaullahil Husnaa Stories Vol 1

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Haslinah Osman

Paperback, 105 Pages



In each volume of this series, there are 11 Names of Allah with short stories to engage children. 


Story 1: Allah – ‘Azza Wajalla

Is There A Wall To The Sky?


Story 2: Ar-Rahmaan – The Most Loving

Allah Loves You More Than Anyone Else Do.


Story 3: Ar-Rahiim – The Most Kind

Allah Loves You Most.


Story 4: As-Samii’ – The All Hearing

Allah Can Hear Every Beat Of Your Heart.


Story 5: Al-Basiir – The All Seeing

Allah Is Watching You All The Time.


Story 6: Ar-Razzaaq – The Ultimate Provider

Why Are The Fishes Hiding?


Story 7: As-Salaam – The One Who Keeps You Safe

I Am Scared.


Story 8: Al-Malik – The One And Only King Of The Whole World

Someone Needs To Be In Control.


Story 9: Al-Maliik – The King Of All King.

The King Of All Kings.


Story 10: Al-Qudduus – The Most Holy.

The Most Pure.


Story 11: Al-‘Aliy – The Most High.

The Highness.