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Assisting the Servants of Allah: Rulings of Raising Children

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Shaykh Issarar Hussain




Imdad al-ibad fi Ahkam al-Awlad


Of the many roles we as humans may occupy in our lives, being a parent will perhaps be the most important. When Allah Almighty blesses us with children, He is placing an innocent soul in our care to nurture and raise so that they may become the future carriers of this religion.


Every child that is born, has only been created for one purpose, the recognition of the Lord of all worlds. Before any parent has any dream for their child, they must first realise that this is the most important duty for their children to carry out on this earth. Therefore, raising our children in the correct manner, so they fulfil the pledge that their souls made to their Lord must be our primary concern. Upon understanding the gravity of this task, we must learn how to fulfil its requirements.


Select Contents:

• Prerequisites of having children

• Rulings of marriage

• Pregnancy

• Four things recorded with the child in the womb

• Labour

• Dua for Labour

• IVF and surrogacy

• Adoption

• Contraception

• Abortion

• Tahnik

• Shaving the hair of the baby

• Aqiqah

• Naming the child

• Breastfeeding

• Responsibility of parents

• Piety of parents and its effects on the children

• Love for the Messenger ﷺ

• Making friends and etiquettes of friendship

• Manners to instil in children