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A Textbook of Hadith Studies

by Kube
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Mohammad Hashim Kamali




Authenticity, Compilation, Classification and Criticism of Hadith


1. Reception (Tahammul) and Delivery (Ada') of Hadith

2. Documentation of Hadith - Early Developments

3. Hadith Literature - The Major Collections

4. Biographies of Hadith Transmitters ('Ilm Tarikh al-Ruwat)

5. Hadith Terminology (Mustalah al-Hadith)

6. Impugnment and Validation (al-Jarh wa'l-Ta'dil)

7. Hidden Defects I ('Ilal al-Hadith)

8. Hidden Defects II (Tadlis al-Hadith)

9. Conflict in Hadith (Mukhtalif al-Hadith)

10. Unfamiliar Expressions in Hadith (Gharib al-Hadith)

11. The Abrogator and Abrogated in Hadith (al-Nasikh wa'l-Mansukh il-Hadith)

12. Additional Segments to Hadith by Reliable Narrators (Ziyadat al-Thiqat)

13. Hadith Classification I (Sahih, Hasan and Da'if)

14. Hadith Classifcation II (Marfu', Mawquf, Muttasil, Maqtu', Mu'an'in, Mu'annan and Mu'allaq)

15. Hadith Class-action III (Fard, Gharib, 'Aziz, Mashhur, Mutawatir and Ahad)

16. Confirmation and Follow-up (al-Mutabi' wa'l-Shahid)

17. Prerequisites of Authenticity

18. Conclusion and Reform Proposals