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A Thinking Person's Guide To Our Times

by Turath
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Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad




This book examines ‘our times’ from an Islamic philosophical world view, looking at the problems facing the Islamic World in the near past, present and future respectively in three mutually complementary parts. At the end of each part, it suggests holistic and easily applied remedies to the problems it examines. In other words (and for those who enjoy sonorous German and Greek philosophical terms) it examines the Zeitgeist from the Weltanschauung of Islam and suggests panaceas.


"Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad has written a number of books and guides for thinking people, and this small but potent work before you sums up many of his most keen and cogent insights and conclusions; for that reason, this may be his most impactful and motivational work to date." - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf




1. The Past: What Happened? (1795–1995)


2. The Present: What Broke? (1990–2015)


3. The Future: What Might Happen? (2016–2045)


Summary, Solutions and Conclusion


Appendix 1: The Spiritual Works of Ghazali, Haddad and Iskandari in English


Appendix 2: 25 Necessary Books on Islam


Appendix 3: 5 Necessary Books on Our Times


Appendix 4: The Islamic Canon


Appendix 5: 50 Necessary Books on Western and World Knowledge and Literature and 10 Reference Works


Appendix 6: Harold Bloom's List of 26 Western Canonical Writers


Annex: Vice and Viceregent