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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Atlasia May 23

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May 23 Issue (# 26)

Atlasia is a monthly international magazine for children around the ages of 6-11. The magazine is bright, exciting, and safe place for children to explore. Each page of Atlasia is designed to engage readers’ eyes and minds, brimming with stories from our Prophets’ lives, tours through nature, challenging puzzles, games, and fun DIY projects.

Atlasia is a way to reinforce children’s spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth through interactive activities and inviting narratives. This is not just a magazine — it is a new reading experience for young Muslims. Reading Atlasia gives readers a place to see themselves represented in their media and feel stronger in their values and identities. Atlasia connects Muslim kids across the globe and gives us all a way to be together.