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A Treasury of Ghazali

by Kube
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Mustafa Abu Sway




A Companion for the Untethered Soul


This concise work presents forty gems from Al-Ghazali, with accompanying commentary by Mustafa Abu Sway, Integral Chair for the Study of Imam al-Ghazali’s Work at the Aqsa Mosque and at the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem.  




1 Education with the Right Intention


2 Are You in the Wrong Business?


3 Seek Felicity


4 Introspection


5 Do Your Good Deeds Outnumber Your Bad Ones?


6 The Greatest Pleasure of All


7 Deconstructing Greek Metaphysics


8 Do not Eat Your Path to Heaven


9 The Merits of Marriage


10 Striving Beyond Justice


11 Degrees of Piety


12 The Fruit of Divine Love


13 Travelling


14 Listening to Songs


15 Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil


16 Behaviour is the Mirror of the Heart


17 Flames of Repentance


18 Patience Against Sin


19 True Grace


20 A Plantation for the Hereafter


21 Shamefully Busy


22 Sins as True Veils


23 Occasionalism (Allah is the Cause of all Events)


24 Love is the Renewed Imperative


25 On Knowledge, Action and Sincerity


26 There Are Absolutely No Secrets


27 Thinking and Having a Preference for the Eternal


28 Remembering Death


29 Knowledge vs. Gold and Silver


30 Presenting Faith to Children


31 External Cleansing and Internal Purification


32 Deconstructing Distractions


33 Fasting Has Three Degrees


34 Liberation from Attachments


35 Involvement of the Tongue, Intellect and Heart in Reciting the Holy Quran


36 Knowing Allah Is a Matter of the Heart


37 Inculcating Beautiful Personal Traits


38 Excessive Appetite for Food Unleashes Destructive Forces


39 Healing the Love for Status


40 Revolting Against Powerful Unjust Rulers