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A Treasury of Rumi

by Kube
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Muhammad Isa Waley




"Everyone has, in their view, become my close friend

but they have not sought out the secrets within me."

– Rumi


There are many sides to Jalal al-Din Rumi – scholar, preacher, saint, mystic, love poet, didactic poet, and spiritual master – but the version of him that became ‘the best-selling poet in North America’ lacks authenticity.


This new anthology of Rumi’s teachings is freshly translated and supplemented with commentaries, and also includes selected texts in Persian. The aim is to bring readers closer to his work's true, traditional meaning – and to the man himself as a great Islamic scholar, teacher and saint.




Who Are We? The Nature and Origin of Mankind

Facing Facts: Death, Suffering, Change

Foes and the Battle: Enemies of God and Man

Guides and Helpers: Prophets, Shaykhs, and Saints

Wings to Fly With: Fear, Hope, and Love

Bitter and Sweet: Self-Discipline and Spiritual Progress

Faith and Wisdom: The Dīn of Islam From Within

Beyond Duality: Dilemmas Resolved

Lord and Cherisher: The Relationship with God

Aspects of Unity: Wisdom, Knowledge, Serenity