A Worthwhile Duty
A Worthwhile Duty

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A Worthwhile Duty

Dr Radiah Salim




A book on keeping our body and mind healthy because that is the way we show we are grateful to Him for His Gift.


"In this collection of essays on topics ranging from sleep to success, Dr Radiah Salim explores what it means to be healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually. Filled with anecdotes, personal reflection and practical wisdom drawn from her years of providing healthcare, A Worthwhile Duty is an informative and accessible guide for not just the Malay-Muslim community, but for anyone in pursuit of a healthy mind and body." - Prof Chua Hong Choon, CEO, Institute of Mental Health




1. Actions are but by Intentions

2. Anxiety - The Start of Many Illnesses Both Acute and Chronic

3. Genetic Predisposition 

4. Why We Get STRESSed

5. Success Redefined

6. Healthy Lifestyle

7. Nutrition and Fasting

8. Water

9. Hygiene

10. Apparel

11. Exercise

12. Sleep

13. The Sun, the Earth and Fresh Air

14. Health Screening

15. Vaccinations

16. Health Supplements

17. Building Natural Immunity

18. Cigarettes

19. Alcohol and Gambling

20. Injuries

21. Sex and Modesty

22. IQ, EQ, SQ (Akal, Akhlak, Taqwa)

23. Prayer

24. Effective Communication

25. Work and Studies

26. Sports and The Arts

27. Volunteering

28. The Best Things in Life are Free

29. Laughter

30. Resilience