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Awqaf-led Islamic Social Finance

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Mohd Ma'Sum Billah (editor)
Paperback, 326 pages


Innovative Solutions to Modern Applications


This book provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of Waqf (endowment), addressing specific issues, models, solutions, structures and practices. As Islamic finance has gained in significance, so too has the institution of Waqf, working towards creating an enterprising and an entrepreneurial community across the globe, in order to meet the underlying objectives of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by targeting the low-income group in particular.


The book analyses the historical context of Waqf as well as its revival in the digital era. It addresses the laws and policies affecting the management of Waqf, such as Maqasid al-Shari’ah, law and policies, law and fiscal reform, regulations applied within Muslim countries, judicial procedures and dispute resolutions and covers the core issues concerning the formalities of Waqf, its management and corporate governance questions. The book includes a series of specialised chapters focusing on the products and services of Waqf, covering product innovation, product development, and then assesses the risk factors in Waqf and Waqf Takaful. Finally, it focuses on the challenges of Waqf and offers recommendations for the way forward.


A timely and practical guide, comprising a literature review and future research directions, as well as a number of international case studies, this will be a key reference for academics, students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

1 Emergence of Awqaf Development Centre: A Mind-mapping Idea
2 Awqaf LedNeo Endowment in Supporting Socio-Economic Development
3 Objectives of Awqaf within the Classical Discourse and their Modern Implications
4 Role of Awqaf as an Economic Driver
5 Genesis of Awqaf –A Lesson to Learn From the French Literature on Ottoman Empire
6 Contemporary Approach in Productive Awqaf Development
7 Utilizing Awqaf in Modern Muslim Minority Societies
8 Gender Justice in the Law of Awqaf Syed
9 Developing a Waqf Market and Reconceptualizing Awqaf Governance Via Regtech
10 Poverty Alleviation through Islamic Social Finance in Agro-sectors-An Experience of Northern Ghana
11 Developing Awqaf through Cash Waqf
12 Islamic Social Finance Reform-Hibah a Catalyst for Awqaf Advancement
13 Edu-Waqf Model- An Analysis of Selected OIC Member Countries
14 Smart Waqf City for Education-An Experience in Darussalam Gontor, Indonesia
15 Empirical Investigation on Awqaf and Its Socio-Economic Impact in Malaysia
16 Awqaf-Its ASEAN Experiences and a Lesson to Learn
17 Integrated Social and Productive Awqaf in Indonesia
18 Waqf Led Social Finance in Poverty Alleviation-An Experience in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
19 Youth Empowerment and the Application of Cash Waqf-An Experience in Kano State, Nigeria