Barakah Culture Cards

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Barakah Culture Cards

The Barakah Culture Cards is a training tool for professionals and teams to help them identify the mindsets, values, and rituals that promote barakah culture in their personal & professional lives.


The purpose of the cards is to engage professionals and teams in a learning exercise that is both visual and hands-on and makes the concepts of living a Barakah culture more tangible and real.


Each deck contains 17 mindsets, 17 values, and 17 rituals that are drawn from Quranic verses, sayings of Prophet Muhammad [SAW] and Islamic tradition that promote Barakah Culture in a person and team.


It is hoped that with these cards, we can equip individuals and organizations with the tools to have a meaningful conversation on how to adopt Barakah Culture in their lives and fight the madness of ‘workism’ and the Hustle culture.


Made by the people behind The Productive Muslim