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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

by Sandala
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Asad Tarsin




"This short book has that little amount of individually responsible knowledge necessary for a new Muslim or an unlearned Muslim rediscovering his or her religion. Dr. Asad Tarsin has rendered our community an important service by designing and writing a concise, useful, and accurate manual of core knowledge that every Muslim should know.” - From the foreword by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf




1. Starting Point

The Beginning / Islam in Context / Learning Islam


2. Belief

The Six Pillars


3. Worship

The Five Pillars / Other Components of Worship / Rulings Particular to Women


4. Spiritual Refinement

Human Consciousness / Path to Refinement / Destructive Vices / Saving Virtues / Noble Character


5. The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

The Role of the Prophet s.a.w. / An Introduction to the Prophet s.a.w. / Salawat Upon the Prophet s.a.w. / A Brief Biography / His Miracles


6. The Quran

Nature of the Quran / Major Themes in the Quran


7. Islamic Holy Days

The Islamic Year / Friday Congregational Prayer / Ramadan and Id al Fitr / Id al Adha


8. Lifestyle

Living Islamic Law / Daily Life / Communal Life