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Beneficial Counsels PB

Imam al-Haddad




Al Wasaya al Nafi’ah



Biography of Al-Imam Al-Haddad


1: Levels and Fruits of Taqwa

2: Seeking Knowledge

3: Signs of a Sound Heart

4: The Way to Illuminate the Heart

5: The First Conclusion

6: Reliance Upon Allah

7: Etiquettes of Travelling

8: Keeping the Company of the Pious

9: Etiquettes of Haj and Umrah

10: The Second Conclusion

11: Four Foundations for the Seeker

12: The Company One Should Keep

13: Reflection and Remembrance

14: Certitude [Yaqin]

15: How to Approach Allah

16: Inner Meaning of Haji’s

17: Holding Fast to Prayer

18: Believing in Allah, His Messenger and the Last Day

19: Pillars of Islam

20: Dealing with People

21: Deadly Sins

22: Submitting to Allah

23: Relationship with Your Brothers

24: A Letter to Shaykh Sufi

25: Covenant

26: Awrad and Adkhar