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Free local deliveries for purchases $100 and above

Book of Great Quotes

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Flamur Vehapi




Gems from Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (r.a.)


These wise leaders – the first four caliphs in Islam – left behind a legacy that is unmatched in human history.


Inspired by the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., to this day the first four caliphs continue to touch hearts and inspire lives throughout the globe.





A Brief Timeline of the Early Caliphate

The Caliphs and the Caliphate

On the Divine

On Time and the Life of this World

On Self-Control and Vain Desires

On Truthfulness, Honesty and Intention

On Wrongdoing and Sin

On Justice and Integrity

On the Hereafter and Preparing for It

On Trials, Hope and Self-Improvement

On Matters of Faith

On Character and Manners

On Knowledge